Attention Sophomores taking Honors PreCalc

You should seriously think about taking the Math Level 2 exam in June. I've talked with a bunch of moms this past month who were unaware that the SAT Subject Math Level 2 exam is essentially a very tough PreCalc final exam. You should not until after Calculus to take this exam because there are so many concepts in PreCalc that will go stale as you move through Calc. 

I've given this advice to many students and parents over the years and have never come to regret it. Certainly if you otherwise have plans for the June SAT administration, you should think about taking the test in August.

I shot this PSA while charging my car yesterday. Enjoy!

Early Decision Under Investigation by the Department of justice

About time Early Decision is investigated. Collusion among competing entities is uncool & illegal. The link to the full article is below, the DOJ is asking ED colleges for the following info:

  • "Agreements, both formal and informal, to exchange or otherwise disclose the identities of accepted students with persons at other colleges or universities.
  • Communications with persons at other colleges or universities relating to the transmission of identities of accepted students, including the justifications for such transmission.
  • Internal documents relating to the transmission of identities of accepted students to or from persons at other colleges or universities.
  • Communications in which identities of accepted students are sent to or received from persons at other colleges or universities.
  • Communications with persons at any other college or university relating to any student accepted at the college or university.
  • Records of actions taken or decisions made based in whole or part on information received from another college or university about the identities of accepted students.
  • Admissions records of any individual identified in any transmission as accepted by another college or university, including applications from, internal analyses of, and communications with the applicant."

Tangentially related: when you're persuaded to choose test prep or private college counseling, are you sure that recommendation is honest, or might there be kick-backs to the referring mom, educator, or tutor? If it's legitimate, they should always reveal that a professional referral fee is involved. 

Foley Prep never engages in hidden incentives to get referrals or reviews ... we've grown over 50% each year on the merits alone!

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The University of Pennsylvania announced last week that it had admitted 3,731 applicants for the next first-year class, anticipated to be 2,445 students.

Penn, like Brown, offered spots on the waiting list to more applicants than the size of its incoming class. In Penn’s case, the figure for the waiting list was around 3,500.

In recent years, a Penn spokeswoman said, the number admitted off the waiting list has ranged from 20 to 175.

Tell your story.

I'm going to try to follow through on the advice I have given to countless kids over the years: "tell your story in a blog."

Start one now. Tell your story, even in small daily bites. You will get better at it and if you keep at it, it just might take a life of its own ... and, heaven forfend (because teenagers are motivated by pure altruism), help you get into college!