Foley Prep's new ACT/SAT Class + Tutoring Subscription Plans

We're thrilled so many are enrolling in our new 30-Day subscription plans! Each can be used on or after Saturday, September 8th. Here are some thoughts about why we set up subscription plans and how our clients might go about using them.

What do I get with each package?

There are three membership levels set up according to the intensity of prep desired. Here are brief descriptions, with links to the full descriptions and a path to purchase:

  • $400 Bronze package. You get 4 classes, 1 hour of private tutoring, and 1 practice SAT or ACT. This saves $190 a month if you paid for each service separately.
  • $750 Silver package. You get 8 classes, 2 hours of private tutoring, and 2 practice SATs or ACTs. This saves $450 a month if you paid for each service separately.
  • $1100 Gold package. You get 12 classes, 3 hours of private tutoring, and 3 practice SATs or ACTs. This saves $490 a month if you paid for each service separately.

What if I don't use everything? What if I want more?

You are welcome to purchase more services a la carte in any given 30 day period. Some members are planning to use 2 packages within 30 days, which is perfectly fine - just ask us and we will force the system to reset. As you would expect, these subscriptions renew every 30 days, so you lose what you don't use.

Is there a registration fee?

There is a one-time fee of $150 which covers the cost of the books, the Foley Prep binder, initial diagnostic exam, and the initial 20-minute consultation with Ron. This is a one-time fee, so you can stop and restart any 30 Day period. The only "penalty" for stopping and restarting is that you lose the "Foley Funbucks" - the 10% in your rewards account that you accumulate with each purchase, including the 30-Day subscription fees. Taking away reward points is our way of encouraging the smart choice of staying consistent with your prep. Several months of unbroken prep yields the highest gains for kids.

Do I get rewards points for my subscription payments?

Yes. Rewards, or "Foley Funbucks," automatically accumulate with all payments, including the $150 registration fee and subscription fees, which amounts to a 10% discount over time. 

How does it work? What's the best way to join?

  1. Start with a 1 or 2 free diagnostic tests as you organize your schedule. My advice to all incoming clients is to take advantage of Foley Prep's free diagnostic SAT and ACT tests that we have every Saturday and Sunday. All future clients are allowed to take 1 SAT and 1 ACT test. Press here to see the schedule. You get results usually on the same day - up to 48 hours later. I always suggest that students start by taking an ACT because kids have usually taken a PSAT. After the diagnostic test I will call (unless you call me first!) to give you objective, clear advice to help you come up with a plan. 
  2. Choose the day you want to start your 30-Day package, purchase it, and begin booking classes. This can happen before or after the diagnostic test. Whatever works best for your planning. I can help plan this with you if you want, or one of our very capable teachers who answers the phone can also help with planning.
  3. Set a good pace - as you work out your schedule, plan to spread out the classes and practice tests as best you can. It's best to book the private tutoring to occur right after the practice test, so the tutor can go over the test with your child. All private tutoring is best scheduled the old fashioned way, by calling or texting us at 732-412-1416.

Thank you!

If you've read this far, you must be considering becoming a member. Please call, text, or write me with any questions - I look forward to the conversation.

Ron Foley

Chief Education Officer