Mock SATs and ACTs are great fundraisers!

This is the time of the season to set up fundraiser practice tests, and it looks like we will have the same parties participating this year. In years past, we have raised $2,000+ for the Watchung Hills Regional High School PTO and Red Bank Catholic’s athletic booster club.

So, if you are interested in setting up Mock SAT and SAT Fundraiser for your PTO, booster club, or some other school-based organization, now is the time to get in touch! Please contact me via email or phone, 732-412-1416 - there are only so many Saturdays in a year!

What does the event entail?

  • We agree on a date and time and how to best promote the event. Most of the time these take place at the school (Foley Prep carries insurance that covers these events), but are happy to host them at your local Foley Prep Hub.

  • I usually set up a web page so we can take registrations. Typically we ask for $15-$25 from each student. 100% goes to the organization - none of Foley Prep’s costs are taken out.

  • On the day of the event, I arrive 30 minutes early with my team of proctors. After the test is underway, I leave the proctor(s) to monitor the students, collect the tests, etc.

  • Within 48 hours everyone will have a 2-3 page readout of their scores made available via email.

  • Foley Prep usually runs 2 review sessions for student who want to go through their tests. These are free and non-salesy.

  • All participants are added to the Foley Prep newsletter, from which they can always opt-out.

  • All results are confidential. Schools who host these exams during the school day are given access to student results.

I have run at least 50 of these practice tests and they always go well, with one little exception: last year we had an organization change their mind after we had started taking donations - they then wanted to make it a free event, which I told them would be a big mistake. It created difficulty with crowd control as many students showed up unregistered - the $15-25 fee is both a great way to raise money and a way for us to know who is coming in advance!

How did this idea come about?

Way back in 1993, when I was the Director of the Kaplan Center of San Francisco, an idea hit me: we could use our simulated MCAT, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT exams for a annual national sales event for Kaplan on college campuses. I called it the “National Test Drive” and, within a year, we got more than 20,000 students sitting for simulated exams on one day all over the country.

I was then given Kaplan’s first ever national award for marketing, the “Ben Franklin Award,” named after my home city, Philadelphia (I was born in Camden, and raised in Haddonfield, but Philly is the closest city).