The lowdown on our Mock SATs and ACTs

he Warren Township Hub (shown above) has space for 25 test-takers, while the Holmdel and Fair Haven Hubs have space for 15 and 8 respectively. With our enrollment growing across the board, it is important to register in advance for these mock tests so we can make sure we are giving your son or daughter a test he or she has not taken before and get these tests started on time.

Warren Hub: Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11am.

Holmdel-Bell Works Hub: Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10am.

Rumson-Fair Haven Hub: Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10am.

Practice tests are included in Foley Prep class and tutoring packages. Non-members are welcome to take 1 free ACT and 1 free SAT on their first visits, otherwise there is a $50 fee.

Tests run about 3.5 hours long - add an hour if your son or daughter wants to take the essay. We ask students to text their rides just before starting the last section so folks can better time their pickups.

Practice test etiquette:

  • Register in advance, please - space is limited. Last-minute registration is possible if you call, text, email, or register online right up to the hour beforehand … the further in advance, the better we can serve you.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Please don’t expect a Foley Pro to be available to answer any detailed questions, we are quite busy during these times.

  • Let the proctor know which test you are taking (SAT or ACT, or other).

  • Let the proctor know if you get extra time. If your son or daughter is shy about this, please let us know in advance.

  • Bring a calculator, a pencil, and a snack

  • We will administer the essay on request after the multiple choice sections are finished

After the practice test:

  • Results will be sent via email or a link within 48 hours. We have been cranking these out on the same day of the test, but we don’t want to overpromise - we see 50-60 test takers every weekend and want to do it right.

  • Please don’t expect to have a detailed conversation with a Foley Pro after practice tests as these are our busiest times of the week.

  • Test booklets are kept for review at Foley Prep. Foley Prep members are welcome to take test booklets home on request.

Remember the purpose of these tests!

We get moms calling immediately after the test asking how their son or daughter did. While I understand the excitement, I always coach parents to give their children some space and time with incorporating the strategies and content we are teaching. Kids should be encouraged to take as many practice tests as they can without burning out … but if they feel under too much pressure to have their numbers go up, then their attention will get misplaced. Adding to the stress by obsessing over short-term gains can be very counterproductive.

Here are some of the major purposes of taking practice tests:

  • To get students comfortable with pace, content, and strategies.

  • To help Foley Pros target individual students strengths and weaknesses in our classes and tutoring sessions.

  • To motivate students to learn (they love looking back on their starting scores - a big motivator!)

  • To give students who are not motivated to do homework a chance to practice under timed conditions with other students, making the whole process much less painful!