Book an online test review!

Colby has been a Foley Prep Pro since 2014. He is an excellent online ACT and SAT tutor who now lives in a remote part of New Jersey, so is very actively tutoring Foley Prep Online students. Book him to review every practice test you do at a Foley Prep Hub.

To check availability,

  1. Select from the calendar the first day of the week that you would like to request.
  2. Press search.
  3. Click time to schedule.

Fee:  $90 (or 1 Foley Prep class credit)

Please note:

  • This review is online-only. Regular tutoring rates apply if you'd like to review your test in-person at a Foley Prep Hub.
  • This review is for 1 practice SAT or ACT for up to 1 hour
  • Students should have a hardcopy of the test they took (pickup from the Foley Prep Hub or we will email a PDF)
  • First-timers will get a call from Liam who will be sure you are all set up and have a good setup for the Skype session
  • Students who wish to book an in-person review at a Foley Prep Hub should call 732-412-1416