Happy Independence Day!

Dear Foley Prep Family,

Have a great day today. In observance of Independence Day, there will be no Foley Prep tutoring and teaching today or tomorrow. We re-open with full schedules on Saturday and Sunday. As always, I’m available by email, phone, or text, so please reach out if you have questions.

Normally I keep email blasts light on holidays, but there’s so much to catch you up on. It has been a very active June at Foley Prep and our summer season gets underway in full force next week.

Foley Prep’s success story continues with 2 new locations!

Ten years ago, I set out to re-create the best elements of my experiences as Director of Kaplan and The Princeton Review to build the best test prep and tutoring company right here in New Jersey. We now have 6 full-service locations in New Jersey. Haddonfield, my hometown, will be the 7th, and is set to open on September 1st.

Acquisition of Radical Learning in Mountain Lakes. After a year of negotiations and collaboration, Foley Prep has acquired the very well established, successful tutoring company Radical Learning, LLC in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Its founder, Kim Sheppell, has an unparalleled reputation in the community, and we could not be prouder to continue her and her tutors’ legacy of delivering the very best service to her clients. I look forward to introducing Brian Jacobs to Kim’s clients as the lead teacher and manager of Mountain Lakes - scroll down to see his bio. Be on the lookout for a complete schedule starting July 20th. I have already talked to several ongoing clients to book tutoring, so if you haven’t yet, please reach out to me via email, text, or phone.

Foley Prep opens July 8th in Bernardsville. By popular demand, we have opened a 3 classroom site in Bernardsville, NJ. We have the dream team anchoring this location: Henry, Margaret, John, and myself. I look forward to making Bernardsville my second home. Tutoring time is already very tight so please plan ahead.

Our 3-month-old Freehold location has exceeded our growth expectations, so we will be adding more to its schedule in the coming weeks. Tutoring time is extremely tight, so please contact us soon if you want to work with our top tutors - Chris, MK, and Melinda - there.

Zack, recent UPenn grad and the newest member of our full-time Warren office faculty, received exciting news this week - he scored 99th percentile on the MCAT. We’re so glad he’s putting his med school plans on permanent hold to teach MCAT, SAT, and ACT prep for Foley. The famous Rebecca Brown is back this summer and will be joined by Greg to beef up our summer teaching staff. Foley Fun Fact: Warren is our biggest office and has grown by 40% this year. This is thanks to the efforts of Katrina, Brian, and Steve, of course.

Joanne is back at our Holmdel Bell Works location and will be joined by Gianna, a math lover who hails from Princeton University. Resh, Liam and myself are all anchoring the well-oiled Holmdel operation which has become the epicenter of learning in Monmouth County.

In the past two years, Patty and Melinda have built our Rumson-Fair Haven location (in the Fair Haven Commons) into a learning powerhouse on the peninsula. Gianna, Liam, and myself have added ourselves to the roster of teachers here this summer to help meet demand. I’m sorry to say that there’s very little tutoring time remaining here this summer. (I’m writing this newsletter in bed this morning in my home-away-from-home in Rumson, NJ - TMI, I’m sorry).

More highlights

  • +220 SAT and +7 ACT points - proof that Foley works! We collected official scores from more than 280 former Foley Prep students to determine that our students go up an average of 220 points on the SAT and 7 points on the ACT after completing at least 10 classes or tutoring hours and 3 practice tests. Nothing beats our program for efficiency and effectiveness.

  • 1-on-1 tutoring is filling up. As expected, we have had heavy demand for summer tutoring. Our availability is still okay, but it will SELL OUT for July and August. The earlier you book, the easier it is, so please please please call us in the next week or so if you are interested.

  • Summer SAT/ACT Sprint and Zeal classes start July 8th and July 29th. Some sections have filled up. Call us or go to FoleyPrep.com/summer for details and to try to enroll.

  • Our 220 point and 7 point score increases are based on students going through our 30-Day program, which has been remodeled to “Test Day Passes” which give you up to 3 months to complete a set of Foley Prep classes, 1-on-1 tutoring, and practice tests at your your own pace. They are an excellent value and perfect for those taking the July ACT, August SAT, and/or September ACT. Press here for details.

  • College Application and Essay Help. We have options at very attractive rates for our class and tutoring clients returning for admissions help. Call soon to set that up!

  • Did you know our MCVSD summer classes have a money back guarantee? We had an 83% success rate at getting kids in this year. Please spread the word as we are providing an excellent alternative to the established provider. Go to FoleyPrep.com/mcvsd for details.

I look forward to continuing the conversations I’ve had with so many of you and the new conversations if we haven’t met yet. As always, feel free to email, call, or text me.

Enjoy your holiday. God Bless America.


Ronald Foley, Founder

Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University

call/text 732-412-1416


Questions? Call or text now 732-412-1416

Brian Jacobs

Head Teacher and Manager, Mountain Lakes

Brian comes very highly recommended to me from a Foley family I have known for 10 years. I’m very proud to announce that he is joining the Foley Prep Dream Machine and will be a very active SAT and ACT teacher as well as manager of Mountain Lakes. I look forward to Brian becoming part of the success of so many families in the area who know and love Kim Sheppell, friend of mine and founder of Radical Learning.

Here’s Brian’s bio:

Brian is a native Californian who graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at San Diego with a B.A. in History and Theatre and Psychology minors. While in San Diego, he enjoyed five minute walks to the beach and tearing his ACL twice while playing for the men’s soccer team. A glutton for punishment, Brian attended law school at UCLA where he received honors for top legal brief submission. More importantly, he met his wife at UCLA law who hails from Cresskill, New Jersey.

In keeping with previous trends of self-punishment, Brian moved from endless sunshine to New Jersey after gaining employment as an associate in a private criminal defense firm in the Bronx. After 6 years of defending hip hop artists, “alleged” mobsters, celebrities, and accumulating countless stories, Brian practiced employment law and professional malpractice to help lower his blood pressure.

At the 9 year mark of his legal career, Brian decided to follow his dream of teaching. He holds certifications to teach Social Studies and Special Education at the high school level. He has taught at Northern Valley Demarest, a Blue Ribbon school in Bergen County and assisted with soccer coaching. Teaching, mentoring, and tutoring young adults has proven to be Brian’s true calling. Seeing the optimism, candor and dedication in tomorrow’s leaders makes working with students at Foley Prep an honor and a privilege. It has also made New Jersey really feel like home for this once homesick Californian! Now if only his one year old and four year old would let him sleep for longer than 4 hours...

Higher SAT & ACT scores at the end of the rainbow. Patty (Full time Foley Prep Pro for 2 years) shot this marvelous pic from our Rumson-Fair Haven office located in the Fair Haven Commons.

Summer 2019 Pricing Chart!

Press the image to go to FoleyPrep.com/pricing

Money Back Guarantee: last season we had an 83% Acceptance rate for our MCVSD Classes

Rising 8th graders: Monmouth County High School Entrance Exam Prep

If you are a Monmouth County resident, you know how intense the competition is to get into the MCVSD magnet schools. I’m very happy to report that 83% of Foley MCSVD students got into an MCVSD school, so we have expanded our program this summer.

Get more pressing here - we will begin diagnostic testing next weekend


Rebecca Brown is back for college essay help

Our permanent full-time, salaried tutoring and teaching faculty of 10 will grow to 14 this summer. We are also expanding our range of part-time pros with tried-and-true masters in the field, including the fabulous Rebbecca Brown, previously awarded Teacher of the Year at Watchung Hills Regional High School. Rebecca returns every summer and has an amazing power to help students of all ages develop study skills and help seniors polish and proof college essays. Book her before June 1st to ensure a spot.

Foley Prep SAT | ACT students can get a college admissions edge!

My roster of private, comprehensive college admissions clients is closed until the end of the summer. However, after 25 years in the business, I am setting out to re-do the way private college admissions services are conducted.

Consider Foley Advisory services if you are a parent

  • of a second child and have gone through the process before. You’re looking for someone to help organize, stay on point, and get the applications and essays done well and on time.

  • of a first child and do not want to waste time and money looking for the one dream school only to later find out that your child cannot get in.

  • who doesn’t want to be steered toward colleges for no other reason except that your college advisor is familiar with those schools.

  • who wants professional discretion without unctuous insinuations that you can get an unfair advantage. If you talk to a college advisor who claims the ability to influence a college admissions through personal contacts, run for the hills!

  • who is reasonably-well resourced. This is a concierge-level service. We have hourly and package rates that serve a range of clients. Admissions advising can save a lot of stress and add up to long-term savings if done correctly.

Anyone who has spent $1000 or more on SAT or ACT prep at Foley is eligible for a very nice discount. If you are interested, simply reply to this email or call 732-412-1416 to set up an initial consultation.

Foley’s results are proven: 220 point average SAT score increase.

Go to FoleyPrep.com/data to find out more. Below is a screenshot of one of the interactive data plots - I invite you to go nerd out for a few minutes!

Mock SAT | ACT | SSAT | MCVSD Exams!

Every weekend during the school year - even more during the summer.

Practice makes gains permanent.

Students who take 2 or more mock tests at Foley Prep plus 10 or more classes or tutoring sessions go up an average of 220 points on the SAT. Book your mock SAT or ACT now at FoleyPrep.com/practice-acts-sats - everyone is welcome to take 1 free ACT and 1 free SAT!


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