SAT & ACT class descriptions

We are continually updating our classes to address the needs of our students, so check back here to select from the classes we have, or suggest one to us. See you in class!

Foley ACT & SAT Class Notables:

  • Please register 24 hours in advance so that we can tailor each class to address individual strengths and weaknesses. It's okay to drop-in last minute to a class, but caution: some classes do get filled.
  • Max class size is 8 students, The average student-teacher ratio is 3:1. Boot Camps can have up to 20 students.
  • All class package holders can freely take any SAT or ACT class.
  • There is no particular order to the classes, we do track each student's progress to help us address individual needs in each class.
  • Our classes are designed to be taken more than once: many of the same concepts may be covered, but the material will not repeat.
  • Remember to practice by interspersing full-length Practice SATs and ACTs every 3-4 classes. This helps us to get a read on each student so we can customize lessons.
  • If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call 732-412-1416.

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