Effective, Targeted Instruction

220 point average increase on the SAT! Check out the results of a May 2019 study of Foley Prep students.

This is not a cookie-cutter, volume-oriented program. We limit class size to 8 students. Our average class size is 3 students. In academic year 2017/2018, we canceled less than 1% of our classes (yes, we run classes with just 1 registered student).

We recommend our classes for students scoring between 20-28 on the ACT and 1050 and 1400 on the SAT. For those scoring higher or lower than that range, we recommend private tutoring. Foley Prep Pros design and target each lesson to the needs of kids who have registered at least 24 hours in advance. The Foley method has proven extremely effective, combining both the deductive (instruction followed by examples) and the inductive (examples first, instruction after) methods - with humor to retain students' interest. 

More than 700 students increased their SAT and ACT scores using Foley Prep's unique continuous group instruction last year. This program is different - and more efficient - than any other. Thank you for taking the time to get to know how it works - we are available anytime to help you make a plan. We look forward to the conversation.



1. Pick a test

The eternal question: SAT or ACT? Unless you have a strong affinity for one over the other, we generally recommend starting with ACT and then SAT after. It's the easier transition to make, and most students will want to do both. 


2. Pick your schedule

Take a look at our schedule online or on the Foley Prep Apple App or on the Foley Prep Google Play App and pick the classes that work around the rest of your life. Start when you want, end when you want. The same basics are drilled every class, so both newbie and veteran alike can learn in the same environment. We recommend most students attend twice a week, but you can do more or less depending on what you need. You can also specialize your subjects to what you need. For instance, if a student is weaker in math, he or she will want to take more math classes than verbal.  

Questions? Call now!


We are always available by phone or in-person appointment to guide you.



3. Don't forget practice tests and homework

One or two practice tests a month is what is generally recommended. They run every Saturday and Sunday that Foley Prep is open. We assign homework from the book in each class and strongly encourage students to use Khan Academy outside of class for extra practice (though Khan is only for SAT). There we can keep track of progress, and use that information to inform what we teach in any particular class. So if a student on the roster needs more help 'completing the square', the teacher can make sure that concept gets reviewed. 

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