SAT / ACT Packages

Here's a simplified version of our most popular class and private tutoring packages. When you click the button you will be taken to our booking site so you can easily checkout. Click here to get details on these packages and more.

10 Classes + 4 tests


20 Classes + 6 tests Summer Blitz Pass


24 Classes + 12hrs tutoring


Tutoring - 10hrs


5-Day Boot Camp



Average size 3 students. Max 8 students.



When you enroll in a class package, you are welcome to take any SAT or ACT class on our schedule, including boot camps. You do not have to come up with a schedule in advance, you can choose as you go. 

  • Average student-teacher ratio 3:1
  • Maximum class size 8 students (boot camps can be bigger)
  • The 30-Day Unlimited package starts at any point and ends 30 days after the 1st class
  • Guaranteed score improvement - click here

Immediate Results from Practice Tests

Practice tests

Each package has a certain number of practice tests that are included. We encourage students to take a full-length practice test every 3 or so classes. 

  • Official ACTs and SATs are given every Saturday and Sunday
  • Results emailed within 24 hours
  • Essay feedback is complimentary
  • Online test review session by a Foley Prep Pro is $90

Private tutoring Packages

These packages relate to our SAT and ACT program. Your child will be paired with a Foley Prep Pro who is an expert in either the math/science or verbal sections of these tests. Some of our tutors are expert in both. Practice tests are complimentary for ongoing tutoring clients. Certain tutors are exempt from package pricing.

Guaranteed score improvement - click here