Please note: effective January 30th, we have deactivated the rewards program. All earned rewards will be honored, but no new ones will be awarded.

learn & earn with Foley Funbucks

the coolest thing since the snow day in April


Earn 10% on every purchase you make at Foley!

What are Foley Funbucks?

Foley Funbucks are our way of rewarding clients for their loyalty and general awesomeness. For every dollar you spend at Foley, you will earn 10% in Foley Funbucks toward future purchases of Foley Prep services. Every Foley client is automatically enrolled in the Funbucks program. Rewards have been awarded for all purchases from May 8, 2018 forward.


ways to earn Funbucks:

1. Refer a friend: For every friend that purchases a package valued at $800 or more (or subscribes to our monthly program), you will earn 500 Foley Funbucks!

Your friend simply needs to type your name into the appropriate field when purchasing the package in our system.

2. Purchase services: Every dollar you spend using the MindBody app and online earns you 1 Foley Funbuck.

3. Scroll to learn more about how to earn points using our booking system and with shout outs.

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Share your experience!

If you add photos to our Google Business locations, write a review for Foley Prep, or post a pic on Insta, chances are we will see it. Just in case, screenshot it and send it to Thanks!

More ways to earn Foley Funbucks...

Book classes & appointments yourself

Use the MindBody App or go to the MindBody page to book classes and (available soon...) private tutoring appointments and earn Foley Funbucks.

Currently you will receive

  1. 20 Funbucks for booking classes and

  2. 40 Funbucks for booking private tutoring appointments (as soon as that feature is available).

Using the Foley Prep app will not earn you Foley Funbucks, unfortunately. Please download the Mindbody app and be sure to "favorite" your closest Foley Prep hubs!

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Ride with Ron

Ron's an avid cyclist. Ride with him on your Peloton bike!  His handle is FoleyPrep4ever and you'll get some points if you "wave" at him during a live rideIf you beat him on the leaderboard you'll get extra points!

shout outs!

If you write about us publicly in some forum - good or bad - we'd like to know, and while we cannot guarantee that you'll get Funbucks, we've got them to throw around and we'll make an effort.

Please send a screenshot and other details to - chances are we've already seen what's out there, but your help will be appreciated.

Important terms, FAQs

Q: How do I enroll in the program? When did this program start? Are previous purchases eligible?

A: All new and existing clients enroll automatically as of May 8, 2018. Purchases on or after May 8th are eligible, provided they are made through the MindBody app and system, not on the Foley Prep branded app and on schedule pages appearing on Purchases prior to May 8th are not eligible.

Q: Can I earn points using the Foley Prep app?

A: No, you must either login to MindBody or use the MindBody app, or a Foley Prep representative must complete your transactions to earn points.

Q: How much is a Foley Funbuck worth when it comes to new purchases?

A: One Foley Funbuck is worth $0.10 toward the purchase of any Foley Prep service or item from our retail store (coming soon).

Q: What is the minimum number of redeemable Funbucks?

A: You must be able to purchase WHOLE services with your Funbucks - you cannot apply Funbucks as a partial payment toward a service. For instance, If you have $108 Funbucks, you cannot purchase a $120 tutoring session, you must have at least $120 in Funbucks to cover that service entirely.

Q: Do Funbucks expire?

A: Yes. Funbucks expire 180 days after you earn them.

Q: Are Funbucks transferrable?

A: No. Funbucks can only be used for the client associated with them. So, even if you have twin boys, each boy will have separate Funbucks accounts that cannot be combined or transferred.

Q: Are Funbucks redeemable for cash, do they have value outside Foley Prep?

A: No. Aside from the high status and fun you derive from using Funbucks for Foley Prep purchases, they do not have any value.

Q: Can Funbucks be taken away?

A: Yes. If you cancel appointments or classes within a 24 hour period for any reason, Funbucks will be deducted from your account. If you discontinue a subscription plan then start again, your Funbucks will also be deducted from your account. 

Q: How do I use my Funbucks?

A: You will be given the option to apply Funbucks to future purchases at the online store checkout. Please note: you must have enough Funbucks to cover the full purchase price of whichever service you want to purchase. You cannot use Funbucks to make partial payments for services.