Our SAT/ACT Program Guarantee

We're excited to take Foley Prep to the next level by standing behind our services and offering a rewards program that shows our long-term commitment to the communities we serve.


SAT & ACT Program guarantee - effective for enrollments on or after May 23, 2018

Get 8 free hours of tutoring if your score does not improve by 100 or more SAT or 3 or more ACT points...

Qualifying students must fulfill ALL of the following criteria. To apply for the the guarantee you must have:

  1. An official PSAT as a 2nd year (sophomore) high school student between 1000 and 1300, verified by Foley Prep logging into your College Board account. 
  2. Taken at least 20 Foley Prep SAT or ACT classes or 20 hours of private tutoring as well as sat for 5 full-length practice tests within a 90 day contiguous period.
  3. Taken the official ACT or SAT within 30 days of completing the 90 days of studies described in #2 above, verified by Foley Prep logging into your College Board account.
  4. A composite score improvement of fewr than 100 SAT points, or 3 ACT points from the official PSAT described in #1 to the official ACT or SAT score described in #3 above. Note: baseline PSAT scores will be translated into a baseline ACT according to the chart below.

What you get if you meet the above requirements:

  • 8 hours of private tutoring plus 2 practice tests. Private tutoring must occur within 60 days after the earliest release date for the particular SAT or ACT result. All 8 sessions must be booked in advance and cannot be rescheduled.

How to claim your guarantee:

  • Call 732-412-1416 to set up an appointment with Ron or Steve. We'll make sure you qualify then sit down with you to check the results and book the 8 hours of tutoring. 
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