WORK AT Foley!

Foley Prep is expanding throughout New Jersey and has open positions that have advancement potential.

We are looking for great tutors, or new college graduates who want to learn to become great tutors, who are okay working long, odd hours, especially leading up to test dates. Team-players who have scored extremely well on their SAT or ACT go to the front of the line, but don’t be shy about contacting us if you can tutor academic (non-test prep) subjects up through the AP and college levels.

We also need:

  • Managers with customer service and sales backgrounds,

  • A head of marketing and phone sales, and

  • Student Proctors (great first job for former Foley Prepsters)

We value diversity and maintain a creative environment that respects diverse opinions. All inquiries will be strictly confidential. Join in the fun!


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