Mock SAT & ACT exam schedule

Practice Makes Permanent

The best way to start Foley & stay in practice!

Mock tests are offered every Saturday and Sunday during the school year and 3-6 times a week during the summer at all Foley Prep Hubs!

Everyone can take up to 2 free mock tests (1 ACT and 1 SAT) before joining Foley Prep. 

  • If possible, please book tests 24 hours in advance with the mobile app, our online booking system, or by pressing the button on the schedule below. Or, if you prefer, call us: 732-412-1416
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Bring a calculator, a pencil, and a snack
  • Tell the proctor if you wish to take the essay - view a sample of essay feedback written February 25, 2018
  • Tell us in advance if you get extra time
  • Detailed results will be emailed within 48 hours (usually within a few hours of taking the test)


We encourage all Foley Prepsters to take the essay at the end of each practice SAT and ACT. Press the image below to see a sample of the feedback we provide to our students a few days after each exam.



FEBRUARY 25, 2018