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PREP IS NOT ONE-size-fits-all at Foley…

The average class size at Foley is 3 students. Maximum 8 students (boot camps can go to 20 students). We have 12 full time, salaried Foley Prep Pros who have been with us for an average of 2.5 years who adapt each lesson in real-time with the students. There are no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all lessons at Foley. We hold each child accountable to the learning in each lesson by cycling through mini lessons, drills, and strategy review.

There are 3 different kinds of prep options at Foley:

  1. Self-paced classes. Choose one of the enrollment options or sit for a single class. Register at least one day in advance so that our Foley Prep Pros can customize each lesson to the group. With 2 or more SAT and ACT classes to choose from each day at most of our hubs, it is the most flexible, and effective, prep available anywhere. We recommend these classes to students scoring between 1050 and 1350 (ACT equivalent: between 21 and 28). Press here to read about the study of 224 Foley Prep students published on May 2019 that proves the effectiveness of these classes: an average increase of 220 points!

  2. “Progressive Classes”. These are traditional cohort-style classes that follow a set curriculum. We have designed these classes for those who want to join a group of no more than 8 students as they go through the same, exacting preparation for ACT or SAT. We recommend these classes to students scoring between 1050 and 1350 (ACT equivalent: between 21 and 28). View the summer Progressive class schedule - start dates July 8 and July 29.

  3. Private in-person tutoring. For those who need maximum flexibility in their schedules. We recommend private tutoring for students with starting scores below 1050 and above 1350. We recommend these classes to students scoring between 1050 and 1350 (ACT equivalent: 21 and 28).

He got a 1560! I guess that translates to a 1590 on a normal scale? We tell everyone we know about Foley Prep!
— July 2018 email from a thrilled mom of Fabio, a Ranney School Prepster who crushed the June SAT despite the brutal curve.

Our most popular class packaGE!

$850 10 Classes + 2 mock tests

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ACT Classes + Tutoring Passes

Our popular ACT/SAT tutoring+class Passes are designed for students who want to come for up to 3 months of prep before test day. There is no contract but you have to use all services within a 3 month block.

Press each to get further details and to purchase. These Test Day Passes are the best value in test prep!

Each option is geared to a different intensity of prep. After you have determined your test date you can start our self-paced, in person classes and tutoring without adding to any time pressure!

$500 Bronze Pass - 4 ACT/SAT classes + 1 hour private tutoring + 1 mock test

$850 Silver Pass 8 ACT/SAT classes + 2 hours tutoring + 2 mock tests

$1,200 Gold Pass - 12 ACT/SAT classes + 3 hours tutoring + 3 mock test

$2,000 Platinum Pass - 20 ACT/SAT classes + 5 hours tutoring + 5 mock tests

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Admissions + Test Prep

We can combine test prep, academic tutoring, and college admissions consulting into one package. Click the shield to learn more. $6,000 - $12,000