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We have grown 50% each year since 2013 and are tracking to do the same this year - all thanks to the successes of Foley Families like yours. Secure a standing tutoring appointment and register for classes at your earliest convenience. Our tutoring and some classes typically fill to capacity the week before every SAT and ACT.

 Press the image to view a printable file.

Press the image to view a printable file.

He got a 1560! I guess that translates to a 1590 on a normal scale? We tell everyone we know about Foley Prep!
— July 2018 email from a thrilled mom of a Ranney School Prepster who crushed the June SAT despite the brutal curve.

SAT & ACT Prep: subscribe & save on tutoring and classes!

In addition to the $800 10-Class Package described below, we have 30-Day rolling subscription packages, which include a one-time $150 fee for initial consultation, book, binder, and diagnostic test. You can stop after any 30-day period and restart without paying the registration fee again, but you will lose any Foley Funbucks (reward points) you have accumulated.

  1. $400 Bronze* - 4 ACT/SAT classes + 1 hour private tutoring + 1 mock test

    • $190 a month Savings Savings off a la carte menu

  2. $750 Silver - most popular! 8 ACT/SAT classes + 2 hours tutoring + 2 mock tests

    • $410 a month Savings off a la carte menu

  3. $1100 Gold* - 12 ACT/SAT classes + 3 hours tutoring + 3 mock tests

    • $490 a month Savings off a la carte menu

*A la carte prices: $90 per class, $120 per tutoring hour, and $50 per test. 

Admissions + Test Prep

We can combine test prep, academic tutoring, and college admissions consulting into one package. Click the shield to learn more. $6,000 - $12,000