act prep, great teaching, 35, individualized
Foley prep - marlboro

I can not say enough great things about Foley Prep! My son spent the summer prepping for the ACT at Foley Prep Bell Works. He looked forward to each and every session because the teachers are amazing! They are young, smart and relate very well to the students. Approximately 75% of his classes were one on one and the rest of them only had 2 students in them. He got to know the teachers really well and loved their teaching style. Their methodology is child centered and focuses on what the students in the class need to work on (they review the students' practice tests to understand and focus on their weaknesses). After each practice test my son took, we received detailed score reports and narrative feedback on what he needed to work on. Ron was always available to discuss the results or answer any questions he or I had. We loved the flexibility to select the classes he wanted to take and to choose the days/times that worked for our schedule. Most importantly, FOLEY PREP WORKS! My son scored a 35 on his first attempt at the ACT (up from a 29 on his first practice test). His science score went from a 25 to a 36! He worked hard, but without the amazing teachers and individualized attention at Foley Prep, there is no way he would have been able to score so high. Highly recommend!!

-Jill A. (9/19/18)