Unflip the classroom!

Foley Prep Pros customize each lesson so that your child progresses according to his or her needs.

Weekly class schedules

New to Foley? Start with a practice test to get a baseline score or jump right into an "Open" SAT or ACT class! 

  • Average student-teacher ratio 3:1. Max class size: 8 students. We allow up to 20 in boot camps. 
  • Book in advance to avoid being being closed out of class. It's okay to "drop-in" to a class that still has seats available, however, registering at least 24 hours in advance allows our Foley Prep Pro team to design each lesson so that your child progresses.
  • View our practice SAT or ACT schedule.

Want advice picking a class or coming up with a prep plan? Call 732-412-1416.

"Open" SAT and ACT classes are the meat and potatoes of the program and are designed to be taken many times - they reinforce key strategies and concepts while focusing on new sets of problems that target weaknesses in each group. So, for example, no two "Open SAT Reading" classes repeat the same material. We encourage you to take as many of these classes as you can.

Today's class Schedule - all locations