COMING SOON … 2019: The best summer ever!

We are very active 6 days a week all summer 10am to 8pm. No vacation weeks. We have more classes, more full-length practice ACTs and SATs, and more tutoring time available than during the school year.

Summer Packages & Schedules available mid-January!

Call/text us to make a plan now 

(732) 412-1416


For rising seniors (class of 2019)

Stay tuned…


For rising Juniors (Class of 2020)

Most students we see over the summer are rising juniors who are looking to go hard at the SAT and ACT. We also have pre-PreCalculus workshops that will benefit students taking PreCalculus in junior year and provide an even stronger foundation for the ACT and SAT. 

For 7th and 8th graders

Many students prep for SSAT, COOP, ISEE, and the MCVSD exam to get into the ultra-competitive Monmouth County Vocational School District schools such as HiTech, MAST, Communications HS, and Allied Health.

In 2019, Foley Prep is launching a special accelerated mathematics program geared for cohorts of students starting in 7th grade and taking them through to high school graduation. This is a premium-level educational experience meant for students who are very talented in mathematics. If you are a parent of a 6th or 7th grader, please contact us if you are interested in this program.