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The team at Foley definitely know what they are doing. We couldn’t be more pleased with our son’s progress. I admit, I was a bit skeptical - and probably drove Ron crazy these past few months, no doubt. However, he kept telling me to just trust the process... and he was right. Thanks, Ron!!!!
— Amy J., Marlboro HS Mom Facebook Review 12/17/2017

Our staff of 20 permanent and part-time tutors in New Jersey have a wealth of experience in creatively engaging students to help them learn unique approaches to test-taking strategies and academic content. Many teachers are Professor Foley's former students who are taking a few years before going to graduate programs.

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Click here to read about the value of an algebra 2 tutor who also does test prep.

Click the image to download the Foley Prep 2018/2019 Program Guide.

Click the image to download the Foley Prep 2018/2019 Program Guide.


tutoring for the SAT and/or ACT

It's best to plan for 1-on-1 tutoring for the SAT and ACT in advance of when you actually want your child to start. Through a 20-30 minute phone conversation, we will assess your child's needs and put together a plan, including helping to determine which test to prepare for and when to take it.

  • You can choose to have all tutoring in our hubs, or online, or a combination of both (we tutor at home only in rare exceptions).

  • The standard rate is $120hr. Some of our tutors' rates are higher. Note: for each dollar you spend, you get 10% back in rewards points, which accumulate fast.

  • ACT and SAT tutoring sessions can be 1-2 hours in length.

  • You have a choice in tutors. Your tutor(s) will be assigned to you for the duration of your studies, unless you request a change. View our team page.

  • All students are encouraged to take regular practice SATs or ACTs in our hubs. View practice test schedule.

  • We encourage all students to do 1-hour test reviews after taking practice SAT and ACT tests. For package holders, these are provided at a reduced rate.

New! "Boosted SAT/ACT tutoring!" Come for two hours of prep - the first hour is supervised practice, then meet with your tutor for the second hour to review the practice problems and extend the lesson into relevant strategies and concepts to achieve test mastery.



We tutor for all levels of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Other subjects are also available. Many of our tutors have advanced degrees in the subjects they teach, and experience with the curricula of area schools. 

  • You can choose to have all tutoring in our hubs, or online, or a combination of both (we tutor at home only in rare exceptions)

  • The rate for most tutors is $90-$140hr depending on the subject and the tutor.

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Test Prep for prep school, high school, and graduate school

Some Foley Prep Pros are expert in the full range of secondary school entrance exams as well as graduate school exams. One of our tutors scored in the next-to-impossible 100th percentile on his MCAT! 

Secondary school exams:


  • MCVSD - for Monmouth County high schools such as Biotech, Hitech, Communications and MAST

Graduate school exams:


We administer free tests for these exams on request. Most materials are included in our tutoring fees, but some exceptions apply.

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