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Special classes for the postponed March 10th SAT

Were you supposed to take the SAT in Chatham, Warren, Piscataway, or elsewhere? Did your SAT get postponed? Taking it March 24th? We have your back.

We have added special SAT classes named "3/24 Postponed SAT Drills" to our schedule Monday-Thursday 7-9pm until March 24th. These classes are great for ongoing Foley Prep clients and newbs alike. They will be centered around fresh sets of problems that are designed to maintain - and boost - your score. 

 Click this image to expand the schedule in downloadable form.

Click this image to expand the schedule in downloadable form.

221 Stirling Road
Suites A & C
Warren, NJ 07050

Press to call us: 732-412-1416

M-F  10a - 9p
Sat & Sun 9a-5p

After starting his first office in Watchung in 2006, Ron was joined by Steve. Realizing that a two-classroom office wasn't enough, they opened the 4 classroom Warren office in 2013, then expanded it to 9 classrooms in 2014.

Four excellent WHRHS teachers are on our staff, and we hire 2-3 high school seniors to help us proctor exams every weekend.

The location was chosen for its proximity to Watchung Hills, Ridge High School, Pingry, and students coming from Short Hills, Chatham, etc.



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